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*Waves* Hmm... I just want to inform you that this journal will be semi-Friends locked no more. This will be my fic journal... I will only post fics here from now on, of course, open to the public, I was debating either to delete this account, but I thought I would have a hard time dealing with my fics afterwards... XD

Just in case.... if you are interested ( I bet you don't give a damn XDXD LOL), here's my new personal LJ aisha_jean all rantings, opinions, RL and thoughts are here...

That's all... I mean, rantings and all are in there so well... yeah... *scratches head* 

Reality Check
Pairing: AkaKame
Summary: Love isn’t always about loyalty and morality.
The loud music boomed in his ears as he tried to smile seductively at the blushing boy trapped between him and the wall. Just when he was about to lean down and kiss those begging lips, he found himself yanked and dragged away from the hot, sweaty and loud place. When he finally blinked away the confusion, he found himself inside a familiar car, staring directly at a very familiar face. He scrunched his face in mix of annoyance and resignation.

“Jin, what the hell?” he asked with a trace of exasperation in his voice. His shoulders sagged when the other man just gave him the kind of smile he knew Kazuya couldn’t resist.

“Seriously Jin. I haven’t gotten laid in two weeks and when I finally found my prey for the night, you just come to ruin it.”

Jin grinned. “Oh come on Kazu-chan. I missed you and really, if you want to get laid, who better can satisfy you than me?”

Then he leaned over the younger man to give him a chaste peck on the lips.
Kazuya huffed knowing how right Jin was. They haven’t seen each other in more than a month because of his work with shooting movies and on. He glanced at the man on the driver seat who was humming a happy tone of one of Neyo’s songs. He had to admit to himself that he had indeed missed Jin. It was hard to meet up without being found out: with Jin busying himself with his own family (Kazuya scoffed at that knowing fully well that it wasn’t really like that) and with him being busy with work. It would be a pain in the ass if the paparazzi happened to snag a picture of them. He sighed as they parked in front of Yamapi’s place before stepping out and put on their usual disguises that Jin brought with him. They glanced at each other before breaking into a fit of laughter. How many times in 5 years had they been doing this?

“Oh my God, I’m glad I brought a dress of a size bigger. You certainly won’t fit in the old ones.” Jin exclaimed while scanning the younger man from head to toe.

“Are you implying that I’m fat?” Kazuya scowled, but Jin just laughed and pinched his nose affectionately.

“No, you silly. I’m just saying you put on some muscles and really. You look good”
Kazuya just nodded.

After fixing their wigs and make ups, they both strode towards the other garage where they would usually leave their old, yet, well maintained motorbike. When they were both settled, with Jin driving it, they sped out to the cool air of the night. It was times like this that they felt normality in their lives. Kazuya was beaming with a contented smile as he held tighter around Jin’s waist.
The trip to their destination felt so short the moment they arrived in front of a rundown building in the skirts of Tokyo. It was a place where no artists worth their names would even think stepping foot in, but this was home for them. After parking, they strode to the old woman in charge of keeping the place intact. She smiled at them the moment she saw them coming inside.

“James! Keiko! It’s been a while since you last came home.” She greeted them with a hug. She was such a nice woman.

“Yeah..We were busy with our work and trying to make babies.” Jin replied with a wide grin, putting in some English words to his answer, making Kazuya choke beside him.

“Oh well... no worries. I kept your place as clean as I could. You should try making babies here. Who knows?” She beamed and Kazuya smiled with gratitude, yet at the same time, he couldn’t help feeling guilty for lying to her.
He and Jin found this place back in 2007. They presented themselves as a couple who were born in America. They told her that after their marriage, they wanted to visit Japan, their homeland once in a while to not forget their roots. From then on, they would come here every time they could.
They both bid her goodbye as they almost flew up the stairs. Their little apartment was in the fifth floor. The moment they entered, Kazuya found himself pinned on the wall, with Jin practically sucking the breath out him, hungry hands trying to touch every inch of his clothed body.
Kazuya gasped trying to speak in between the passionate and dominating kiss he was subjected into.


Without saying a word, Jin grabbed him and dragged him to their bedroom, trying to get rid of their clothes in the process. When they stumbled on the king sized bed, they were almost naked, saved for their boxers.

“Kazu...” Jin’s voice was so husky and deep, laced with lust and unstrained passion that Kazuya almost didn’t hear it. Kazuya looked up at the panting man hovering above him, eyes clouded with lust and love.

“Kazu...let me love you all night long.” It was said in a whisper that sent shivers down to Kazuya’s spine as his body got aroused more than it already was.

“Take all you can” He answered back and before he knew it, he was submerged with everything that was Jin: his voice, his warmth, his passion and his love. It was overwhelming it almost hurt. Kazuya was aware that he wouldn’t be able to walk the next day, but it was a little price to pay when you are the object of Jin’s unyielding desire.
Kazuya screamed when he felt Jin biting him on his neck.

“Shit Jin... how...how many...times I told you to not leave any visible marks.” He panted, but moaned when Jin finally entered in one powerful thrust.
They both stilled, just looking at each other, sweat covering their bodies.

“Shit Jin! Couldn’t you be gentle you asshole. It’s been a while since we did this and you know I only bottom for you.” Kazuya whined, but then smiled as he held Jin’s face between his hands and brought him into a searing kiss.

“Move. Give me all you got.” And Jin did.

Jin groaned when he felt the heat of the sun blinding him through the thin curtain. He should tell Kazuya to buy a thicker one. He glanced at the young man sleeping in his arms. He gave him a peck on the forehead and smiled. He looked around their small bedroom. This was their home. A home for the “ordinary” them. It was a place for them as a couple, a family. He looked down at Kazuya and couldn’t help but think of how fans should make a reality check. He and Kazuya weren’t perfect. And like most of the artists in the entertainment world, they were promiscuous. Oh yeah, they enjoyed having sex with someone willing for a one night stand. This went for him as for Kazuya and as well for the others. It was their way of living. However, his and Kazuya’s case was special. What they had was the kind of bond that would never disappear no matter who they came to love, who they slept with and who they got married to.
Jin couldn’t just get enough of Kazuya, not only of his body, but all of him, everything of him. The more he got, the more he craved and it was never enough. How did this started? At first, it was a platonic kind of love. They were always there for each other; they understood each other without even talking. However, somewhere along the way, Jin had started to notice how cute Kazuya was, how he longed for the younger one’s warmth and smiles. He had started to follow those lips while the boy talked. Then he had started to feel burning jealousy every time he saw someone being too close to Kazuya. And finally, the push he got was the wet dreams concerning his friend. It hadn’t taken that long to realize that he was helplessly in love with Kazuya, thus, the start of a heavy, head on pursuit.
Jin remembered how afraid Kazuya had been into jumping into this gay relationship with him. It had taken the infamous hiatus to L.A for Kazuya to realize that he indeed loved Jin more than anything; that he loved him enough to disregard what people might say, enough to make sacrifices.
It had been heaven, then Johnny caught them, but instead of forcing them apart, the old man had given them a strict rule that if broken, they sure had hell to pay for it. The rule? No PDA, aka, keep it secret from the media and public.
He and Kazuya had decided to come out to their band mates and trusted friends. Somehow, they hadn’t shown surprise, it was almost as if they had expected it. They were the one who helped them hide what they had, and Yamapi suggested to not showing their closeness in public. It was from then that rumours of them being in a big fight resulting into them hating each other started to circulate. It had been really entertaining reading and listening to the stories the media came up with.
Then as the years went by, as they grew up and made name in the industry, they had learnt that love wasn’t a fairytale. And in the world they lived in, their relationship had evolved into a connection and bond between two souls rather than the love everyone was accustomed to.
It had hurt at first and they had even tried to break it times in times again, but it only served to made them see and realize what kind of bond they had. It was then they decided to just face what they had and accept it for what it was. So they decided to create a life for just the both of them. The first step was to buy this tiny apartment and make it their home.

“Good morning.”

Jin was startled from his musings when he heard Kazuya’s voice. He smiled back and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Good morning sunshine.”

“What time is it?” Kazuya tried to look at the watch on the side table through sleepy eyes.

9:00 am.

“Do you want to go somewhere?” Jin asked while playing with Kazuya’s hair.

“Hmm...well... I dunno.. Let’s just walk around like some weird tourist?”
Jin smiled.


With disguises on, Jin as a young man with moustache and well groomed hair business man in casual outfit and Kazuya as the long haired wife dressed in a casual jeans and white blouse. Both were wearing huge sunglasses enough to cover almost half of their faces. Armed with cameras and huge smile, they mingled among the tourists.

“I’m hungry... feed me!!!” Kazuya whined, clinging to ‘her husband’ with a pout which earned him amused smiles from the other tourists.
Jin sighed in resignation when he saw the curious stares he was receiving.

“Okay... where do you want to eat?”


They both sighed sadly as they took off their disguises once they arrived at Yamapi’s place. Meisa had called earlier asking Jin to look after the baby because she had work and had no time to take the baby to her parents.

“You went home?”

They jumped upon hearing Yamapi’s voice.


Tomohisa was the only one aware of their arrangement. Without a word, but with gentle nods Kazuya left the place first, not before giving Jin a searing kiss.
Yamapi watched in silence as Kazuya left and Jin just stared with longing. He knew how hard it was for the two to keep their relationship a secret for a long time. However, for the past two years, they seemed to have gone home to their place more often. Maybe it was also due Jin’s marriage which had helped to divert the media’s attention from Akame. Yamapi was happy for them though. In the life that they led, there was no room for morals, loyalty and innocence. It was a world where happiness depended on what you could do and what you could sacrifice.

“How was your day?” he asked Jin who was walking beside him.

“Great. Though we had to cut it short.” Yamapi looked at his friend questioningly.

“Meisa.” That was enough to answer his silent question.

“But at least you spent a little time together, right?”

“Not enough. Never enough” was the mumbled answer that if Yamapi wasn’t at all ears, he wouldn’t have heard it. He looked at the retreating back of his friend and felt pity for him. Jin was the romantic type of guy who once dreamt of a steady, love-filled relationship and lots of kids. How hard it had been for him when he was struck by the reality of being madly in love with a guy, being married to another and other shit. Yamapi sighed. He loved both of his friends and would help them any way he could.
Kazuya entered his empty home. When he was about to prepare himself a hot chocolate, his phone rang. A message. A message from Jin.

I miss you already. One day, we will surely leave this life and buy a new home for us, far, far away from here. A home where we can stay for good. I love you.

A loving smile appeared on his face.
He replied.

Yes, one day we will.
The end.

Uh... how was it? I
I’m a lil bit rusty, but this was written after the whole split-up, marriage scandal, Koki-being kicked out...

What the fuck happened to my masterlist??

back, but feeling lost
Hello!!! I`m back on LJ after a period coughYearsCough of hiatus...

And honestly...I'm lost, LJ has changed. Lol.. hmmm... uhuh... seemed that I lost contact with many of you and for that I'm sorry... I`ll do my best to finally update my fics... though... hmm... I have to relearn on how to use LJ... weh...

cute couple




[FIC] Fashion and Bullets 2/2
Title: Fashion and Bullets
Pairing: Akame, Ryo/Ueda, Uchi/Kame (non-con)
Author: [info]aishayue
Word count: 17,255
Rating: R (includes rape-but no worries, it's not that detailed.)
Notes: This is dedicated to [info]tokyopirates for the 2012 [info]kizuna_exchange. Man, this request has been a challenge since I've never written something like this. I'm not sure if it fully satisfies your request, but I hope you'll still enjoy reading it. I kind of got some inspiration from Ayane Yamano's Viewfinder Series. This is rated R for a reason. With this you are warned.
Summary: A criminal, heir of a Yakuza clan and a model, aspiring lawyer? Impossible! Or maybe not. Nothing is impossible if true love, forced it may have been at the beginning, is what they have between them.

Stalk Me, Save Me, Love MeCollapse )

[Drabble] This Crazy Love

Title: This Crazy Love
Author: aishayue
Pairing: Akame
Summary: Even broken, I’ll continue to love you, even if you hate me, I’ll will always be loving you.

Falling into this crazy loveCollapse )

[Drabble] My Refuge

Title: My Refuge
Author: aishayue
Pairing: akame
Warning: none
Summary: It’s not always how people see it, Jin knows it and he also know that there’s only one place he can go, after all.

I know what to doCollapse )

[FIC] Beyond Reality

Title:  Beyond Reality
Author: aishayue
Pairing:  JinMeisa, AKAME
Summary: When they heard about the rumor of them being a cursed couple years, years ago, they laughed. However, when reality came crushing down on them, they had to take what they have in their hands and face make choices for their life and believing, wishing for the time when they can be together.
A/N: I’m rising from the huge hole that Jin’s marriage made. I’m rising among those akame fans who were and still shocked and broken hearted. Instead of crying over this, I want to make a fic, bitter-sweet it may seem, to cheer all those who think akame is over (Damn, whenever I see these words I can’t help but get seriously mad. Really? Is this how you consider their bond? A bond that just ends like that coz of a marriage? Fantasy/fangirling aside, do you know that there are bonds that go beyond love? Tell me, in your experiences, what last more usually, love or true, unconditional friendship?—you have the answer. wWaves: I’m ranting! Gomen, can’t help it ^^. Let’s go to the story, shall we?

whoever I love from here onwards....Collapse )

[FIC] Dangerous Love 7/?

Title: Dangerous Love
Author: aishayue
Beta: Un-beta-ed
Pairing: AKAME (Main), Pikame, RyoDa
Genre: hm, action ? (I honestly don’t know)
Summary: Jin’s purpose in life is to hunt down the killer who massacred his entire family, he thinks about nothing but to arrest all killers around; but then, he meets a dangerous person who’s going to mess up his life. Dangerous because he amazes Jin and lethal coz he is a beauty with many secrets.
A/N: uhuh… do you still remember this fic? It felt ages since the last update, neh? *bows* gomen. This is as, I hope, a pick up chapter and I hope you’d still enjoy it. I’m a little bit rusty after a long hiatus, especially this fic. I still hope you remember it.


The truth of that incident? You know, right?Collapse )